University of California, Riverside

7th to 9th December, 2017

Quantum condensed matter as a field has witnessed a revolution in recent years with age-old paradigms being challenged and new topics of study mushrooming rapidly. The physics of charge ordering, quantum magnetism, and quantum phase transitions have all evolved significantly and became interwoven with subjects like unconventional superconductivity. At the same time the discovery and progress in understanding of exotic new states of matter greatly expanded the mathematical framework used to describe and classify them. An unfortunate consequence of such diverse developments is the inevitable "fracturing" of the community with diminishing interactions between different subfields. The situation is ripe for a timely gathering of established leaders to discuss the latest developments and trends, and to chart a path forward. The presentations and ensuing debates provide an opportunity for junior scientists to engage in a broader range of questions than they would otherwise be exposed to. The goal of the workshop is threefold: to facilitate a critical review of the assimilated knowledge in light of new developments in materials and technologies, to exchange ideas across different branches within the condensed matter community, and to propagate the current thinking about fundamental problems in quantum condensed matter to the next generation of scientists.

This workshop also serves to felicitate Chandra Varma, who has contributed to condensed matter physics for almost 50 years and is formally retiring. A reception in his honor hosted by the Department of Physics & Astronomy will be held on Friday, 8th December.


Vivek Aji

University of California, Riverside

Kirill Shtengel

University of California, Riverside

Peter Littlewood

University of Chicago

Andrei Ruckenstein

Boston University